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tv   [untitled]    May 30, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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resorts michael's busily closer to tell me revere it it's only cintra who told. the nazi tonight of national hero or a war crimes fugitive serbian general cold blooded battle's moves how they go over to the european hague tribunal with backing from crowds on belgrade streets. despite the support of monks or europe's most wanted man it's most likely they could be sent to the hague from belgrade in just a few months. british apache helicopters prepared to cruise the libyan skies but is fear the attempt to put pressure on colonel gadhafi could actually put nato personnel in the line of fire. the u.s. government plans to send terrorism and whether disaster alerts directly to
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cellphones opponents though say it's just spreading panic not protection. and in business news russia is ready to resume exports of great enough to maintaining an export ban for almost a year one that the business. flow from moscow this is our. joint is it's nine pm here in moscow my name's kevin know it and first europe's most wanted war crimes fugitive has launched an appeal in the serbian court against attempts to have been extradited to the hague to stand trial for cosby and serve general rocko blooded she's charged with ordering the murder of around eight thousand muslim men and boys in one thousand nine hundred five. other is outside the court of belgrade for us. not many people here in serbia believe that a lot of his appeal will actually be successful despite his deteriorating health
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condition and of the. all the efforts made by his lawyers and his family to prevent him being sent to the hague war crimes tribunals and after the court receives that appeal it then has to read days to decide on whether to extradite the man or not his lawyer however saying that he might not make it to see the trial. raku lundy. he will even live to see distorted his trial and genocide charge and ask for a battery of independent doctors to examine the sixty nine year old condition they capture about kolob which was one of the key conditions for serbia for potential entrance into the european union and of course access to the billions of dollars worth of grant a that could come with it but for the people here it's nothing but a betrayal and that's exactly why they took to the streets of the capital yesterday holding some ten thousand people rally in the very heart of the serbian capital
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belgrade nearly three thousand riot police deployed to keep the peace but of course that didn't happen with somebody you started throwing stones and bottles lighting firecrackers all things went flying out riot police we literally saw breaks while flying at riot police hitting them on their helmets on their shields riot police then made the decision to disperse the crowd and started hitting them everybody and anybody basically with their butts haun's trying to disperse the crowd separate them so of course they would be easier to control and we know that nearly thirty people were injured as a result he personally saw lots of people walking around with their faces covered in blood presumably from being hit by one of those rocks that were flying overhead we also know that over one hundred people were detained following those arrests most. of them are under the age of eight. that is. great their
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knowledge his lawyer says he mailed the appeal so the court will review the plea before deciding whether to ship his client to the hague foreign policy analyst boy and wreckage believed if knowledge does make it to the tribunal few in serbia have got faith in the way that it works many process there have been first of all very long and we can talk about the efficiency of the tribunal the people have spent an enormous amount of time in the hague and a lot of people here in serbia are skeptical about some of the practices of the high tribunal and some of its record for instance. because slobodan milosevic the late president of yugoslavia and serbia actually died in prison without the conviction then some war criminals that are generally knowledged as war criminals here in serbia like. from course.
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muslim commanders have actually been acquitted after the sudden death of witnesses or after the tribunals simply concluded that there was not enough evidence so basically many serbs do not consider the hague tribunal to be unbiased and fair and in the minds of those people. it is questionable whether whether this trial will be will be fair now the foreign policy analyst boy in british talking to us about how he thinks his trial of meg's likely to pan out. britain stepping up pressure on colonel gadhafi about applying apache attack helicopters and bunker busting bombs in libya comes as nato chief says the libyan leader's reign of terror is nearing an end results is there and it reports the u.k.'s decision seems to be moving far beyond mere he's going to tarry in objectives. and inexorable trend towards escalation that's what analysts are
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calling british involvement in the libya conflicts as the u.k. prepares to send in apache attack helicopters. they can fly low they can fly slow so they can hit targets that force jets cannot hit from the air they also involve a fair amount of risk they can be shot down much more easily than a fast jet so the possibility of greater personal be captured on the ground has just gone up the apaches which will be joined by a contingent of french helicopters can maneuver in built up areas and attack fairly small targets they'll make it easier to take out arms towards and target places where colonel gadhafi may be hiding it's part of prime minister david cameron strategy to turn up the heat in libya they seem to think that if they quote the u.n. resolution at the same time they call for. regime change it's a kind of guarantee. frankly they're involved in a civil war in. the intensive bombing of
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tripoli that's going on this is a war about regime change helicopters markedly the latest escalation of this conflict following the no fly zone nato sent in advisors to train the rebels introduce train patrols and by the first week of may that nearly six thousand strike sorties with tripoli subjected to the heaviest bombing. a recent you go poll for the sun tabloid newspaper showed less than half of britons now support the intervention in libya but that number is likely to plummets once u.k. troops are in significantly more danger just white. people if that happened we. don't even think about it so the issue is we haven't dropped any blood yeah we've dropped tens of millions of of piles. but not one single one of the people who is going with. the.
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people have marched against the libya war here in the u.k. but in small numbers compared to the million that marched ahead of the invasion of iraq helicopters bring the fighting closer to the ground with a high risk of death and grew up with this new. government might be able to defend that is known as the new strategy makes rapid progress but it doesn't many see the next that as troops on the ground in its entirety of the u.n. resolution that is about the regional flight they should be enforced in libya you're at it what's he done to. protect her he's a journalist from the spice online magazine joining us from london here i mean with the situation in libya now mate is the u.k.'s decision to deploy these helicopters and these bunker busting bombs to increase pressure on gadhafi the right thing to do right now. oh striking that you say stalemate is actually in many ways it seems
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that the situation is getting worse for the west in libya i think when they first thought they could kill a sweepin two months ago and basically bomb the country into them into democracy they thought this was going to be quite a quick process where they could basically keep their hand you know keep a bit of a distance hold on the into libya get rid of gadhafi and then everything will be all right now obviously that isn't the case and the introduction of these bunker busting bombs in the apache helicopters are inevitably going to make this is universe they could bring about severe civilian casualties in libya and i think also reeks of desperation as i said from the start so i've wanted to just hold on into libya they've been unwilling to commit troops because they know that will be unpopular and they don't want to get bogged into a long long drawn out conflict what we see here really is that they are getting bogged into this conflict down into this conflict they're going deeper and deeper into a mass which they're going to find very hard to get out of which is kind of what
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we're predicting although a lot of britain's defense secretaries did not hide it physically target in good faith this is the latest from him but he says increasingly loud messages are being sent out loud should those messages be where the lives of civilians. well it's very striking that they talk about loud messages making a lot of noise and for a lot of very expensive forms over the last couple of months there's actually they've done very little else other than and i think this is really important puts the libyan river rebellion the genuine grassroots rebellion of libyan people against gadhafi on hold they've ripped the democratic initiative from the libyan people and taken it into the hands of a small elite of western leaders and i think that's really problematic because it moves actually very positive kernel of what was happening in libya has now basically either been put on hold or very badly warped by these meddling western leaders who are doing nothing but causing problems for everyone involved for and
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yes the irony is that it's now taken over two months the people the people managed to get rid of their leaders in less time than that and western intervention is taking the democratic initiative from the libyan people and ultimately may end up killing more libyans ability civilians as a result of that gadhafi was what was doing in trying to kind of offset the protests was a big no mention of a cease fire or hold to the violence in libya except of course from russia russia said it wants to take a mediating role in the conflict all sides want peace here. i think the problem from the start for this is that all sides weren't sure what they wanted to do and this is the real aspect of concern when it comes to humanitarian intervention what you had was this kneejerk response led by cameron and sarkozy who wanted to kind of intervene in by benghazi and through
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a pin like guardian angels and save the libyan people from good athlete but the problem that we have here is that they didn't really know what they're going to do after that so they came in with their bombs and their big loud kind of explosions but i actually then thought what are we going to do in a spent the last two months trying to figure that out sending very mixed messages there's been a lot of confusion and still i don't think they really know what they want they're still very nervous about saying they actually want to get rid of gadhafi and want to bring about regime change and i think ultimately it's confusion that reigns among the western leaders they still don't know what they want we're also hearing from the sons mostly in foxwoods of sending in these low flying helicopters not really ramping up the tension but of course the point here is that it is likely to put british military personnel a great risk if any of them are killed could the next step then be descending ground troops. but i think that soon as the no fly zone was implemented as soon as the decision was made by cameron. by obama to intervene in what was
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effectively a civil war basically just throw aside the whole idea of national sovereignty and say we're going to intervene on behalf of the libyan people for poor helpless libyan people you can't take their own matters into their own hands then really it was a very slippery slope from the offset from the no no fly zone bombing to potentially ground troops it's very hard to predict what's going to happen but by no means to that be ruled out it could happen and it could happen very soon they're desperate to try and end this conflict but they don't really know how to do it so i think they're going to throw everything at it and feel what sticks but i think a journalist despite online magazine you know talking to us from london tonight thank you for. coming up with a program on our c keeping the nation posted we report on how the u.s. government plans to text messages straight to the phones of every american. and the gloves are off the world's biggest emerging economies demand
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a break from the tradition of putting a european in the top position at the international monetary fund. a farewell ceremony has been held for the late president of cars after his body was laid in state in the russian capital so he gave the gaps died of lung cancer at a moscow hospital on sunday when he leading politicians including president votive came to pay their last respects gaps was sixty two years old and lead of cars with the last six years so it struggled to retain independence from georgia because the sovereign since recognized by russia in two thousand and eight following the georgian military assault on another caucasian republic south of setia gaps body has now been flown to a cause he and his funeral will be held on thursday. in america big brother has a mobile and he's tired of text it seems the u.s. government now has a system of consent emergency alerts to everyone from blizzards to terror threats the warnings will go straight to people's phones but many feel it's creating needless panic as art is more important i have found out. the country that created
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i phones. has more than three hundred million wireless users and in the name of national security the u.s. government will soon have a direct link to each and every handheld device it's like a piece of this is going to it's there for a good reason to hope that we never have to pull the trigger gathered at the scene of the september eleventh terrorist attacks carol in new york city officials joined the c.e.o.'s of the four largest wireless carriers to announce the nation's new tech tools and alert system enabling the president and government agencies to blast every american with text messages warning of terror threats weather disasters and kidnappings the cell phone alert system will launch in new york city and washington d.c. by the end this this year expanding nationwide there after wireless users may have the option of not receiving certain alerts but americans will not be able to opt out of the messages sent by the u.s.
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president opponents say politicians are promoting more fear while providing little protection now we have a system of mandatory and inescapable alerts through every cell phone in the land in the event that the government decides that something's happening there we ought to know about that just as the introduction of the patriot act came right after nine eleven so this new kind of technological invasion comes to us without any public discussion right after the assassination of osama bin laden and why you professor and author mark crispin miller says americans are living in an age of creeping authoritarianism and scare tactics the use of fear for any kind of government to create more control over people's lives and thoughts is that it makes people malleable it makes them obedient i mean you go to any airport today. and you
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can see this in action people are meekly taking off their. meeting to getting groped under the auspices of airport safety babies senior citizens and everyone in between must now endure pat downs or pass through body scanners before boarding in the case of muslim americans that may not be enough six days following the killing of osama bin ladin forty moms on two separate u.s. flights were illegally kicked off planes for looking suspicious you have a few hate mongers who who can can can evoke the emotions in people bill they play on people's emotions play on people's ignorance about islam and muslims you see and also this war is creating a climate of see you see if you see something suspicious in the parking lot or in the store say something immediately in december the department of homeland security began encouraging americans to report suspicious activity to the country's largest food retailer wal-mart partnership with washington has been accused of perpetrating
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a climate of panic and subsequent need for more surveillance you need to create an enemy for people to rally behind and list wars and the fact that we're spending over fifty percent of our taxes on war and our national defense but there's really no threat directly to this country and they need to keep this spending in following the assassination of enemy number one and american lawmaker called for an increase in rail safety funding and the creation of a no ride list as u.s. officials warn of more terror threats following that a lot of death many americans remain concerned others are left wondering about the dangers of for seeking too much liberty for security. or r.t. me or. more of the stories we're covering here on earth you can head to our website to go buy a t.v. the pleasure of information they're online for you also the stories to catch your interest russian cycle of the cold cold cold. ski-doo serving time for stealing oil
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lands for a quest and parole but his lawyer says he's not done would make guilt we've got more month long running story long back protrude if you want to refresh your memory about it all i doubt it'll. be us father afraid of witnesses a distinct lack of liberty as our t. american presenter adam kokesh is throttled by police from dancing at the thomas jefferson memorial a get a firsthand account of what went on there at r.t. dot com. the race to run the international monetary fund is not so much about who but where the candidate comes from europe traditionally decides who gets the post in the e.u. is already pushing its preferred choice making it hard for others to get a look in at the five leading emerging economies say it's time someone else had to go out he's a regular school reports now on how the brics countries of brazil russia india china south africa are all refusing to take no for an answer. it's a change they don't believe in with the former i.m.f. director dominic straws can out of the financial picture they're going to say she
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is looking for a suitable replacement and while the current financial situation in europe may suggest a new approach is needed to solve the problems by looks of it the i.m.f. will go in the other direction the weight of tradition and also the fact that there has been a longstanding deal between the united states and europe the u.s. will have the world bank and europe has the fun i'm sure the europeans would convince all leading thinkers on the matter that at this juncture you still need someone familiar with the problems of the runner up is the french finance minister christine legarde and while europeans heel her as one of the strongest economists in the euro zone some remain skeptical about her progress and. complex and i think the short run bear. more of the same is wonderful you can see it's not obvious you know where you need. default and
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perhaps even live in europe so they may not be able to maintain it but the trend is for them to continue to try places just want to heights in portugal are too far ahead and soon to find themselves in a very similar situation. numbers are asking why must there be given to him in help and what happened to promises of fresh faces some of them at first seem to help their families i think better if christine does get the job i think it will be a betrayal of the i.m.f. . if you remember germany extra only a few months ago had said. that there should be a change in the global order especially since india and china over the last three or four years have been the world's largest economies and it's india and china that have. really pulled the world out of economic slump that it has been in the last
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few years one of the world's most powerful organisations the international monetary fund has the power not only to receive countries but to plunge them into despair take russia for example some say they're going to zation played a crucial role in bringing about the default of one thousand nine hundred eight which left thousands of people penniless and desperate i remember when the soviet union broke up and the i.m.f. and the rest of the g seven prescribed economic advice to the new russia and it was completely disastrous this complete. of the russian economy at the time completely destroyed russia in several ways and i think that's what the i.m.f. has done to several other economies building out greece and allows you know bailout for portugal italy and spain are also undercut sex scandals broken pledges deepening debt as europe attempts to untangle itself from its fiscal chaos it seems clear it in your protests is vital to stay afloat but the international monetary
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fund seems to focus more on keeping rising economies out of the picture and on solving the many problems it now faces it involves school r.t. . also in the news tonight germany's agreed to shut down all of its nuclear power plants for twenty twenty two making the biggest the first real power to give up on top of the energy the verse in government policy for the process of japan's fukushima plant was triggered mass protests across germany was a quarter of the country's local power was provided by nuclear stations in the government's most seeking alternative sources. security forces of yemen of shortbread at least twenty protest as in the southern city of taiz police try to storm the main square the center of anti-government demonstrations present valuable a silly refuses to step down despite months of protests and strong opposition from a key tribe and in zinjibar witnesses say the warplanes of strikes and hundreds of al qaeda militants have seized the city at the weekend. at least four people have been killed and dozens injured after twenty bomb blasts in the afghan city of her
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death two suicide bombers attacked an italian run base while a number of other insurgents try to get inside the taliban recently declared a spring offensive in afghanistan the violence follows a recent nato strike in the country that killed fourteen civilians most of them children. surely tonight we need four american veterans who say serving in the u.s. army means never asking questions and accepting casualties as collateral damage more than a few minutes but it's a business out there next with the retreat just ahead. welcome you're watching business r.t. with me to me she met with russia's central bank is raising the deposit rates in an
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effort to draw some of the cash out of the economy but at its regular policy meeting a decided not to raise the key refinance rate the bank is struggling to keep inflation under control which is currently running at twice the european average but it's not just i want to come but we should bank russia believes further tightening steps are to follow. clearly the central bank is sending the signal that it can go an extra step to deal with inflationary pressures. i think however given the fact that inflation the significantly above the target level for the central bank which would be around seven percent for this year perhaps we'll see additional measures by the central bank to tackle inflation later this year but i think until the end of this year the balance is likely to be towards a strong global i think the central bank will have to rely on the strong ruble in order to tame inflation simply because the ruble is such
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a potent and dealing with inflationary pressures we've seen it before and i think. we'll see it again in the course of this year. russia's finally lifting its grain export ban as droughts and flooding threaten crops from europe to the u.s. but in the cost of a looks at what this might mean for local and international grain markets. farming is an unpredictable business and biblical times it was plagues of locusts and now days mother nature shows her wrath by sending floods and droughts last year was particularly bad in russia as farmers contended with the longest dry hot summer for over a century the grain harvest was devastated this year the weather has been altogether more convivial the stores have been refilled and the export ban lifted our domestic consumption is estimated. sixty eight male and sounds and from
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supply demand as if we can export around three ten million sounds but a broad everything in the garden is not so rosy droughts and floods have afflicted parts of europe and the u.s. causing widespread crop damage analysts fear of further hike in wheat prices which have already jumped almost eighty percent in the past year russia wants the second largest wheat exports are in the world could help turn things around. and this will of course have an effect on the global market russia is returning to the green export trade and has sizable resources to do so i believe global prices will drop as a result of this although maybe not a significantly russia's reaction in the global market may not solve grain shortages or rising from the prices but it will play a role and offsetting the damage marina costs are of our business r.t.
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. so good of a stock markets out of the us markets. close for public holidays so it's only right that stacks we're looking at likely they're just not project coming from. will be a seven player up around one percent one point three. in russia we saw a positive trading day given that investors. it was being dampened by lack of news coming from the u.k. and the u.s. the r.t.s. nice managed to gain point four percent by the end of the session said look at the main movers on the my six gazprom shares are up around one percent at the close on news that is close to finalizing its takeover fellows final price about trans gas answer raul was one of the outstanding performers of the day posting a profit of two hundred ninety million years for the last year therefore shares are up five percent. in south he will be back next hour the headlines coming up
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